Lost in WordPress…studio life

Hi, not sure where this “post” will go on the website as I am still a rookie at this web design stuff…oil and Zest are the smells in my studio as I load three elephants on to a small canvas…ironically they are at play, yet I see them as dead heaps, tusks removed, surrounded by blood and over gorged sapiens racing to make the next buck, the next piece of “exquisite” or should that be “extinguishing” carving to satisfy the markets from West to East.

Dust rises as they frolic, one young elephant across the belly of another, a wonderful sight carried away in my mind as I walk home from the studio. The great thing about oils is the time they give you to contemplate and now with environmentally more friendly cleaners there is a fresh odour around the workplace.

Snow on the Ochils

Leaves uncrinkle as the sun bursts their bud cover, while the Ochils attempting to camouflage themselves in spring colours are spattered with the droppings of a flock of clouds that splash single cream over the hills. Lambs dropped into the freezing weather sup on the white stuff from teats beneath white fluff, foreknees to the ground, tails expressing the joy of warm liquid food on a cold day.