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I have been asked, why “derenz”? I came across a word in a Scots language dictionary and modified it prefering to end with “z” a more solid buffer to a small word with big ideas. The word means challenge so I challenge myself to have creative responses to the world around me and sometimes my responses too are challenging.

” z” is the buffer for “eren” in a “d” letter sandwich

Head and neck of hen

derenz “Aye hen”

“Aye hen” arrived in September. Her eye struck me as extraordinary and kept me busy over several hours, she disappeared into a home somewhere, donated as a raffle prize on behalf of Creative in Callander for the Perth Open Studios launch this year. Hope she is being enjoyed.

A matter of balance

derenz “A matter of balance”

“A matter of balance” kept me wound up. Yes capturing feathers almost in flight was an inking experience equal to the tempestuous nature of the wee robin featured

Mr Patch in the woodyard

derenz “Mr Patch in the woodyard”

Mr Patch does not like hens! Watching these birds – guinea fowl – is an experience not to be missed and when hens are presented with a trough of “chick weed”, something guinea fowl appear not to like, they stop the hens from feasting – a jealous streak perhaps?

 derenz Cocky junior

derenz “Cocky junior”

“Cocky junior” gave me the opportunity to let the inks do their thing.

 derenz "A studio pile up

derenz “A studio pile up”

“A studio pile up” – Cocky senior has flown the coup wrapped in a waterproof coverall and tucked under the arm of a wide eyed enthusiast. “Flower wander”, “Mr Patch” and “Oops” are ready for an exhibition and “Guddled Gloria” seeks a stream of light to show off her magnificent dorsal fin. Hard to see in this studio pile-up! Well, aren’t “bright fish” frequently hard to see?  Guddled Gloria is now on a wall in Ayrshire with love associations.

6 thoughts on “Ink on tiles

  1. pat richardson

    Hi, great site great paintings ..sorry cant get up for your open studios ..have been to 6 studio sessions at various places down here in London over the past few weeks … we will get up to you one day I promise ..think cocky junior looks great !

  2. Veronica

    Am not usually a fan of robins, but do like this one. Love the look of your studio.

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