Welcome to Words art bound, a web window on my creative moments.

Somewhere on this site are some posts but I don’t know where. If I knew where they went I would signpost them for you. You are probably thinking this is not professional, well that is true, I am not a professional when it comes to web pages and communication except to say that you are welcome to visit my studio when and if you are in Alloa at the same time as me!

As to the web design bit, I am muddling through with the support of a WordPress book Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Tris Hussey and some wonderful WordPress travellers who I met through “MeetUp”.

Words art bound is the title of my website because as a writer and now a dabbler in a studio, I find the arts coming together…and as I type this post  or is it a page, my fingers are feeling the callouses I have gained from strumming a ukulele…all things that help to keep me engaged with this crazy planet.